Having been a mixed martial arts athlete competing at the highest level for well over a decade, I was 1st introduced to Noyofood when they became the caterers at the famous world leading mixed martial arts gym LondonShootFighters.


I instantly found the service convenient quick tasty and extremely satisfying, especially straight after a gruelling hard work out. Being a pro athlete I’ve become well versed in exactly what nutrients my body requires to be at optimum. Noyo covered all the bases.
Now as professional years of being Spartan, had led me to slip and relax when I don't have a competition.


With other stresses, trials and tribulations, in my life, I didn't compete for nearly a year and half, leading me to become very out of shape.  So when I accepted a super fight challenge earlier this year, I needed as much help as I could get getting back into shape.


I'd really like to thank Noyofood for covering one of the most important aspects of my training- fuel!
The service was a god send.


All my meals portioned and packed in containers so they could be carried around for the day, and I could eat them hot or cold, equally delicious. I highly recommend anyone wanting optimal supreme tasty nutrition to use Noyofood.

Alex Reid , Mixed Martial Arts Athlete