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The Paleo Diet™, or ‘Caveman Diet’ is based around the principles of what our “caveman” ancestors used to eat before processed foods became mainstream. Much has been written about this diet and there are many success stories of people who have transformed their health by following its basic rules – clean, natural, unprocessed food.
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Our Weight Loss package ensures a balanced diet using only good fats and natural sweeteners. This food will energise, detoxify and improve digestive and immunity health.
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This package is designed to complement your training and supply your body with the right fuel to speed up recovery, help build muscle growth and performance.
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The Personal plan is designed purely by you. We cater to any personal diet. Just give us a call or email your meal plan and we will contact you with further details. To give our service a personal touch, we like to speak with all new clients before they place their first order.
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