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Noyo is a personal chef service that follows your chosen diet and creates bespoke freshly prepared meals delivered to your desk or doorstep at your convenience. Our menu includes exotic meats, organic and grass fed options, and guilty pleasures without the guilt.


We give you the option of telling us what your chosen diet is. Our in-house chef will then prepare and cook it - just for you. You can speak to us directly to discuss any special requirements or needs you may have and also meet us upon delivery.

Noyo offers a range of proven weight loss, muscle gain and competition prep meal plans as well as health and nutrition planss. Whatever it is you want to achieve, we can provide you with a personalised nutritional plan to nourish and strengthen you. Our food tastes delicious and feeds your soul too! We are here to make a real difference in your life –what you put into your body is a cornerstone to your health, wellbeing and ability to reach your full potential.